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Library Details...

  • Total Books:- 16,362
  • Total Amount of Book’s:- 3, 04,605
  • Total Journals/Magazines:- 71

Library Services...

  • Book Bank Scheme for student will be introduced
  • Open access to B.A, M.A, B.Com, M.Com students after college hours
  • To increase the habit of reading & writing the new concept of “Wachan Sanskriti” is introduced by the library.
  • The students are motivated to write articles on different subjects
  • Important articles & other cutting from newspaper, magazine, etc. are notified and displayed by the library on the notice board.
  • Provide facilities of book bank.
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General Rules of the Library...

  • Identity card and borrower`s card are essential.
  • Two books can be borrowed on one borrower’s card for one week.
  • Books will be issued according to the time table.
  • Reference books are made available only in the library.
  • Fine will be charged to those who return the books late.
  • All books should be submitted before the exam.
  • Student will be held responsible for missing the borrowers’ card on identity.
  • Any activity, which will cause the damage to the books or the library material, will be liable to punishment.
  • All the students are advised to see the notice board every day.
  • Library is ours take advantage of it and let the others do it.

Library Committee

Prin. Dr. S. B. Kurane Chairman
Mrs. S. M. Shaikh Secretary
Dr. G. S. Botre Member
Dr. A.K. Manjulkar Member
Mr. B. S. Jagtap Member
Miss. S.G. Burgul Member

Total Books

Sr. No. Subject Total-31.3.2016
1. Marathi5152