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Welcome to Department of Marathi

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About Department...

1. Name of the Department: Marathi

2. Year of Establishment: UG: 1993

3. Departmental Profile...

The faculty of Marathi has been started since in 1993. The department has been recording good examination result at UG level. The department has Two qualified and experienced faculty members; one is M.A, Mphil. qualified and one is M.A.NET,SET. The faculty members are keenly interested in attending and presenting their papers at international, national and state level conferences and seminars.

The total number of books available on different subjects of Marathi is nearly 5209(Text Books 2059 and Ref.Books 3150) and adequate numbers of latest editions are added every year. The curricular and extra-curricular activities are consistently organized like organizing guest lectures, Marathi Bhasha gaurav din & Matrubhasa Din , farewell program, poster presentation, departmental library etc.

Activities of Marathi Department...

  • Welcome Function for F.Y. students
  • Marathi Bhasha gaurav din & matrubhasa Din
  • Farewell function for T.Y .B.A students
  • ‘Marathi vangamay Mandal’ celebration
  • Participation of Marathi sahitya samelan held at Bhor ,Pune.
  • Departmental Library.
  • Poetry-Reading .
  • Prose-Reading.
  • Essay-Writing.
  • Wall paper
  • Book Exhibition
  • Hand Writing compitition (Sundar Maze Akshar Spardha)

Courses Offered...

Under Graduate Level Name of Course/ Programme Duration Eligibility Intake capacityAdmission Procedure Admitted students
1. B.A 3 years 12th pass 240 +10% As per the norms of SPPU Pune University and Government of Maharashtra 24


Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Specialization & Experience
Prof.B.S.Jagtap M.A. Mphil Associate Professor Marathi
Prof.S.S.Gaikwad M.A.NET,SET Assistant ProfessorMarathi
07 years

Teachers Representation On University Bodies...

Sr. No.Name of Teacher Academic Body
1.Prof. B.S. Jagtap Examiner, Paper setter
2. Prof S.S.Gaikwad Examiner, Paper setter, External Examiner.

Workshops/Seminars/Conferences Conducted By Dept...

Sr. no. Title Duration Level
1. Dushakalache Marathi Sahityatil Pratibimb 2015-16 State Level

Research Activities...

Sr. no. Academic year Name of Teacher Title of Paper Name of conference/ seminar publication Publication details
1. 2015-16 Prof.Gaikwad S.S. Dalit Aatmakathanatil Dushkalache Chitran in “Dushkalache Marathi Sahityatil Pratibimb” State Leval Seminar Lukshimi Book pablication ravivar peth Solapur. ISBN 978-1-329-88734-3 15th Feb 2016.
2. 2015-16 Prof.Gaikawad S.S. Dalit Jivanatil Jadhanghadnit Yashwantranche Yogdan in “Yashwantrao Chavan Yanche Sahitya: Swaroop Va Samiksha” National Level Seminar, Yashodeep Publications Narayanpeth, Pune ISBN- 978-93-83471-92-8 12 th & 13 th Feb., 2016
3. 2016-17 Prof.Gaikwad S.S. Natasamraat: Sinema Madhyamantarin “Marathi Sahitya: Prakarantar Va Madhyamantar” National Level Seminar, Laxmi Book Publication, Solapur ISSN 2249-894X 22nd September 2017
4. 2018-19 Prof.Gaikwad S.S. Gautam Budh: Charitra Aani Patkatha Lekhan in ‘Patkatha Lekhan: Swaroop Aani Chikitsa’ National Level Seminar, “Research Journey” International Multidisciplinary E-Research Journal Nashik ISSN: 2348-7143, 12th January, 2019


Class2013-14 2014-2015 2015-16 2016-172017-18
B.Com I 86.48% 86.25% 93.07 % 95.17% 89.43%
B.A. I 61.22% 92.48% 86.75% 85.71% 75.46%
B.A II( G2) 85% 75% 90.69% 90.69% 67.64%
B.A II( S1) 47% 41.66% 92.59% 8.69% 80.74%
B.A,III( G3) 89.58% 98.64% 100% 87.64% 91.07%
B.A,III( S3) 80% 86.66% 63.63.% 95,45% 81.81%
B.A,III( S4) 100% 26.66% 100% 95.45% 81.81%

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