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Welcome to Department of History

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About Department...

1. Name of the Department: History

2. Year of Establishment: UG: 1984

3. Departmental Profile:

The faculty of History has been started since the inception of the college in 1984 from the beginning of only few students and single division; it has been developed to what it is with 2 divisions at first year B.A. Since beginning the department has been recording good examination result at UG level. The department has 2 qualified and experienced faculty members; of them 2 member is holding Ph.D. degree and remaining two with. The faculty members are keenly interested in attending and presenting their papers at international, national and state level conferences and seminars.

The total number of books available on different subjects of History is nearly ----- and adequate numbers of latest editions are added every year. The curricular and extra-curricular activities are consistently organized like organizing guest lectures, seminars, History festival, farewell program, poster presentation, departmental library etc.

Activities of History Department:

  • Welcome Function for F.Y. students
  • Teachers day celebration
  • Farewell function for T.Y.B.A.
  • ‘History Mandal’ celebration
  • Visiting Guest Lectures
  • Departmental Library
  • Educational Tour

Courses Offered

Under Graduate Level

Under Graduate Level Name of Course/ Programme Duration Eligibility Intake capacityAdmission Procedure Admitted students
1. B. A. 3 years 12th pass 240 +10% As per the norms of SPPU Pune University and Government of Maharashtra 264


Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Specialization & Experience
Dr. A.K. MANJULKAR. M.A. Ph. D Assistant Professor
Head of Department
Cost & Works Accounting
Mrs. U. V. VITKAR. M.A. Ph. D Assistant ProfessorAMARATH

Teachers Representation On University Bodies...

Sr. No.Name of Teacher Academic Body
1.1. Dr. Manjullkar A.K Ph.D Guide
Paper Setter
University Squad Chairman
External RefreePh.d Selection Committee
Ph.D External Refree.

Workshops/Seminars/Conferences Conducted By Dept...

Sr. no. Title Duration Level
1. 19th& 20th Century Social Reform Movements in Maharasthtra Two days 27th& 28th January 2017 State level Seminar

Research Activities...

Sr. no. Academic year Name of Teacher Title of Paper Name of conference/ seminar publication Publication details
1. 2013-2014 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkaranche Pani Ani Vidhyut Vikasatil Yogdan National Level Conference ISBN.978-81-924997-6-5
2. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Ramchandrapantche Sambhajirajanchya Kalatil Karya National Level Conference ISSN.2230-7850 Impact Factor 1.7604 (UIE)
3. 2013-14 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Globalization & Agricultural Product in India National Level Conference ISBN.-928-81-925598-1-0
4. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar ‘Commerce Education in the Changing Business World’ Changing Dimensions of Commerce Education in Globalized Era ISBN 978-93-84916-63-3 12th & 13th Feb 2015.
5. 2015-16 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Marathwadyatil Talit Chalwal(1906 to 1948) National Level Conference ISBN-978-93-83401-27-7
6. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Aray Samajache Hyderabad Mukti Sangramatil Yogdan National Level Conference ISBN-978-81-925-586-6-0
7. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Musalimkalin Chitrakala National Level Conference ISBN-978-93-83401-28-4
8. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar ‘Aughyogik Asamtol Ek Aitihasik Avalokn National Level Conference ISSN-2231-5063
9. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar MarathekalinKivha Marathi Rajyakartyani Kelelya Kayam Swarupi Upayayojana National Level Conference ISSN-2393-8900
10. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkaranche Dalit Mahilanchya Vikasatil Yogdan National Level Conference ISSN-2393-8900
11. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Freedom Movment in Solhapur Dist. State Level Seminar ISSN.2393-8900
12. Jan.2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Sati System in Maharastra Historicity Research Journal ISBN 978-81930154-3-5 College Proceeding
13. 2015-2016 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Dalit Movment in Maratawada National Level Conference ---
14. 2015-2016 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Contribution of Hedrabad Muktisagram of Arya Samaj. National Level Conference ISBN 978-81-925586-6-0 Proceeding
15. Sep 2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Ancestry of Bawada Princely State Historicity Research Journal ISSN.2393-8900
16. Nov 2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Nanasaheb Peshave Ani Naydan Dhoran Historicity Research Journal ISSN.2393-8900
17. 2016-2017 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Divakarpant Chorgade & Fast Anglo Maratha War State Level Seminar ISBN 978-93-24457-11-7
18. 2016-2017 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar 19th & 20th Century Social Reformetion Movment in Maharasthra State Level Seminar ISBN 978-93-852-18-02-6
19. 2016-2017 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Kanhoji Angre& Maratha Armar State Level Seminar ISSN 2394-207X Impact Factor 4.205
20. 2014-2015 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Freedom Movment in Solhapur Dist. Reference to Kashamir International Level Seminar ISSN 2279-0489 Impact Factor 4.248
21. 2017-2018 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Faminisam in Maharsthra National Seminar ISBN 978-81-927-211-2-2-8
22. 2017-2018 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar R.N.chavan& Dalit Movment State Level Seminar ISBN 978-93-87137-63-5
23. Sep.2017 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar British Intervention in Kashamir It’s Impact Upon Economic &Socitey International Journal ISSN 2455-2070 Impact Factor RJIF 5.22
24. Agu.2017 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Agricultural policy in Kolhapur Region for Missionaries Monthly Research Journal ISSN 2249-894X Impact Factor 5.2331 (UIF)
25. Agu.2017 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar R.G.Waiylder& Educational Work Printing Ara ISSN 2394-5303 Impact Factor 4.002 (UIF)
26. 2018-2019 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Vinoba Bhave & Bhudan Movment National Level Conference ISSN 2249-894X UGC Journal No.48514 Impact Factor 5.7631 (UIF)
27. 2018-2019 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar Sardar Wallabhbai Patel & Dule Visit National Level Conference ISSN 2348-7143 Impact Factor 6.261
28. 2018-19 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar National Congress& Freedom of fight Newspaper National Level Seminar ISSN 2348-7143 Impact Factor 6.261(CIF)
29. 2018-19 Dr.A.K.Manjulkar History of Village Trade of local History State Level Seminar ISSN 2319-93-18

Subjects Taught...

F.Y.B.A. S.Y.B.A. T.Y.B.A.
  1. G-1 Chh.Shivaji& His Times

Compulsory Group

  1. S-1 Ancient India..3000 B.C. to 1206A.D.
  2. S-2 History of Modern Maharashtra (1818 to 1960)

Compulsory Group

  1. Introduction To History
  2. History of Asia in 20th Century(1914 to1992)
G-2 Modern India ( 1857 to 1960 )G-3 History of Modern world in 20th century 1914 to 1992


Class2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-16 2016-172017-18
F.Y.B.A G-1 890.90% 82.02% 100% 92.21% 96.23%
S.Y.B.A G-2 76.59% 33% 73% 73.68% 85.50%
S.Y.B.A S-1 61.90% 76.06% 64% 44.44% 66.66%
S.Y.B.A S-2 71.42% 53.07% 100% 33.33% 81.48%
T.Y.B.A G-3 84.00% 86% 96% 96.22% 88.88%
T.Y.B.A S-3 71.42% 91% 96% 94.73% 100%
T.Y.B.A S-4 71.42% 91% 96% 84.21% 100%